Our Earth🌎

Our earth🌎 is a only planet where life exist.His four major domains like Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere.

Hydrosphere: Water💦 covers a very big area of the Earth’s surface and this area is called the Hydrosphere. More than 71% of the Earth🌎 is covered with water💦.

Note;; Only 2.5% fresh water💧 for drinking.

Biosphere: The Biosphere is the narrow zone where we find land, water💦 , and air 🌬 together, which contains all forms of life. The biosphere divided into two parts Plant🌱 and Animal🐵🐔🐶 kingdom.

Lithosphere: The solid portion of the Earth🌎 on which we live is called the Lithosphere for example mountains🗻,hills etc.

Atmosphere: The Earth🌎 is surrounded by a of gas called the Atmosphere. The atmosphere extends up to a height of above 1,600KMs.The Atmosphere is divided into five layers based on composition, temperature and other properties.

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